About me, us, the blog

The blog

Hello there! And welcome to this humble blog. A place of harmony where we can chill and talk about science from a lighthearted, but deep perspective. I’m the robotic amoeba, a being of pure voracity concerning knowledge. And I’m here to share and learn, as I hope you are too.

Technology, engineering, materials, chemistry and a long and somewhat entangled list of subjects from a very biological background. Sometimes we get more off topic, but it is ok: nobody should say no to a cookie from time to time, right? So please, come with me through this journey and, by all means, enjoy.


Not too much to say. I live in Madrid, where I was born. I have a masters degree in chemistry, and I am specialized in materials. From a very short age, I have always loved nature and biology though. So I suppose the kind of topics covered in this blog are almost an obvious result coming from me. I am no native English speaker and creating entries helps me improving day by day, but spelling mistake are something expected here and there. A little bit of patience is very well appreciated at this point, hehe 🙂


Are you still there? Well…ok. Sooo, I suppose that when I say “us” I mean what can you expect from me. I can not promise a post every week, nor every month really. But what you can always expect is quality. That and no spam, clickbait, and boring content remixed from other pages. Robotic Amoeba means something for me, something personal. You would never do that with something that is a small part of you.